Email Marketing from DigilogueEmail has still to be beaten as the real "killer application". It is cheap, immediate and especially effective if you add a personal touch. Digilogue offer a service to send personalised emails on your behalf to your clients / customers / members which can be text or HTML-based for high-impact - high-response. What Digilogue do better than others is

  • High Delivery Rates
  • Beautiful templates, designed in HTML without having to confirm to templates
  • Great management of hard and soft bouncebacks, unsubs and follow-throughs

In addition to the above:

  • Digilogue sends email via our specially setup SMTP servers, so you don't need to worry about spam and delivery. This is very specialised service which bypasses the significant problems sending via ordinary channels creates like non-delivery, being black-listed as a spammer, etc.
  • We can handle any hard/soft removals and can provide a tagged database of recipients with incorrect emails, unsubscribes, etc
  • We provide a full report of the campaign, and click-through reports can be built into links so your analytics can easily pick up specific URLs
  • We do not facilitate spam, will insist on your contact database being up to date, and provide advice on being 100% filter-friendly etc.
  • Emails are multipart, so text viewers will see a nicely formatted text version, while most people will see your corporate branded HTML email
  • Quick turnaround - typically same working day if 'look an feel' has already been decided
  • Large numbers are not a problem - we send literally millions of email per week


Digilogue are also a big fan of MailChimp, which is a reasonable cost alternative which may suit if you wish to send to up to 2000 recipients (up to 12000 emails per month) free of charge. To benefit from this service, Digilogue can help you set up and configure your MailChimp account, as well as choose and customise your template.

This approach of offering clients the best soluton for them - not for Digilogue - is typical of our approach. Our objective is to help you choose the best solution for the medium/long term, and enable you to use this as independently as possible, with Digilogue in the background if/when needed.

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

  • Miriam O'Donoghue  - CDVEC CDU & FESS

    It was important for us to work with a company that understood our needs and audience so we chose Digilogue because of their experience in education.They did an excellent job designing our website and continue to…

    Miriam O'Donoghue - CDVEC CDU & FESS

  • Mick Moriarty - Dominican College

    Seaghan and his staff have assisted us in updating and improving the school’s website. A patient and helpful staff with a can-do attitude ensured that school requests were always prioritised. Two key traits stood out…

    Mick Moriarty - Dominican College

  • Paul Fields - Kilkenny Education Centre

    Our experience of working with Digilogue has been overwhelmingly positive. They are extremely supportive and have a, ‘we can solve that’ approach to every difficult issue we identified. I find them helpful in explaining technical…

    Paul Fields - Kilkenny Education Centre

  • Brian Casey - Enniscrone Golf Club

    Enniscrone Golf Club are very pleased with the professional upgrade and redesign of their Web Site in 2012. The level of consultation and back up support through out the whole process was second to none.…

    Brian Casey - Enniscrone Golf Club

  • Conor Holmes - Outside The Box Learning Resources

    Digilogue has provided our website services since we were established in 2004. More recently we have engaged with them in the creation of our online training courses. In all aspects of our collaboration we have…

    Conor Holmes - Outside The Box Learning Resources

  • Gerard O'Sullivan - Coláiste Chiarain

    Well done to Seaghan and his team for an efficient and professional webcast of our conference

    Gerard O'Sullivan - Coláiste Chiarain

  • Micheál Ó Foighil - Coláiste Lurgan

    Comhairle, tacaíocht agus seirbhís den scoth

    Micheál Ó Foighil - Coláiste Lurgan

  • Brian Higgins - ABC School Supplies

    We first engaged the services of Digilogue in 2007 and tasked them with the job of creating our first website for our company. We found Seaghan and his team to be extremely efficient, helpful and…

    Brian Higgins - ABC School Supplies

  • Angela Rickard - NUI Maynooth

    I found Digilogue great to work with. They have a profound understanding of educational issues and processes and therefore have very clear insights into what educators need when to comes to designing and supporting websites.…

    Angela Rickard - NUI Maynooth

  • Greg Heaslip - Goldhold

    Digilogue have developed the Goldhold client site over the past eighteen months into a professional, functional and robust piece of online software. I have found them efficient and open to work with, billing is transparent…

    Greg Heaslip - Goldhold

  • Cathnia Ó Muircheartaigh - Osraí.ie

    Very helpful when working with them. We found them easy to work with and knowledgable in sorting technical issues. Service is working perfectly

    Cathnia Ó Muircheartaigh - Osraí.ie

  • Alison Gilliland - INTO

    Seaghan Moriarty and his company Digilogue has worked with INTO Learning for the past 8 years. Seaghan and Digilogue supports/manages our online learning platform and programming as well as providing us advice on current trends…

    Alison Gilliland - INTO

  • Denis Desmond - Retired Teachers' Association of Ireland

    Excellent support before and after.  Follow-up support is very important to us.”

    Denis Desmond - Retired Teachers' Association of Ireland

  • Fidelma Morris - INTO Professional Development Unit

    Digilogue has been supporting our online professional development programme at INTO Learning for some years now. Their professionalism and levels of responsiveness to our needs are of an extremely high standard. Each Summer Digilogue helps…

    Fidelma Morris - INTO Professional Development Unit


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